SSPH+ PhD Fellowship Program GlobalP3HS 2019 Call 3

Excellent students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for the SSPH+ Global PhD Program in Public Health Sciences – the GlobalP3HS.

The aim of the fellowships, which are funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (Horizon 2020 - COFUND), is to select and promote highly talented graduate students in the area of Public Health Sciences to do their PhD studies at one of the Swiss universities carrying the Foundation Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+).

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Important information

Your application can only be considered for evaluation if you uploaded all the required information and documents by the call’s deadline. Please consult the eligibility criteria. The general procedures (Step 1 to 5) are described online. The applicant’s checklist summarizes the information and documents needed.

To apply, you must in a first step fill in all information underneath "Personal Details (Candidate)" and "Contact Address" marked with an asterix (*). Afterwards, you will receive a user account and password, which allow you to edit your application until the deadline.


First name*:
Last name*:
Date of birth*:
Place of birth*:


Phone (International format)*:
Website (if available):


Do you apply under the sandwich model, i.e. including a collaboration with a low/middle income country to focus on research based in that country?:


I already applied for a previous call of GlobalP3HS:


Degrees obtained

Fill in all your Master’s degrees (or equivalent) and dates of graduation (month/year). A Master’s degree of a certified institution of higher education is the minimal requirement to become eligible as a PhD student at a Swiss university. If you are still working towards the Master’s degree, please indicate the expected date of graduation.

Please attach a copy of your Master’s degree(s) (A4 size) under ‘Attachments’ (see below).

In case grades were provided, please provide details about the scale used at the university that issued your Master’s degree (e.g. 1 to 6 with 6 the best mark):

Grade scale:
Research activity

IMPORTANT: If your first Master’s degree is more than four years ago, then please list all your research activities since then (incl. short description and duration).

Language skills

You must have very good command of English (written and reading) as this will be the only working language during your PhD studies. But we would also like to know about your skills in Swiss national languages.

English proficiency:
German proficiency:
French proficiency:
Italian proficiency:
Other Diplomas/Certificates

Please indicate whether you hold one of the following diplomas or certificates. Please remember to attach a copy of the diploma in the Attachment section below.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language):
GRE (Graduate Record Examination):


Please tell us what your interests are, what you have worked on so far and what you would like to address in future research.

Scientific interest:


Please provide information on your PhD proposal below.

Title (max. 20 words):
Describe the background and context of your proposed research, building a clear rationale and succinct arguments for your proposed research:
Provide succinct statements about the objective of your research proposal (such as the key question(s) you want to address and/or your hypotheses and aims):
Describe the scientific approach and methodology you envision to pursue. In case you build on partly existing or upcoming studies, please explain what is existing, and what will be added on (e.g. collection of new data, fieldwork etc.):
Public health relevance
Address the value of your proposal such as its public health relevance, its innovation, its outcome and/or relevance for societal challenges or values:
Gender perspective
Please explain how you will integrate gender aspects into your research design:
Research Fields

Please have a look at the research fields described on the Expert database at SSPH+. You must select at least TWO DIFFERENT and AT MOST 10 research fields in order of priority. (your motivation letter may elaborate on what you find interesting about these fields)

Please add 2-10 research fields:


PERSONAL DETAILS (Primary supervisor)

In case you already know who your favored choice of supervisor would be at the above mentioned Swiss university, please fill this in. This must be an SSPH+ faculty member (NOTE: this is not a condition for a successful submission of your application; it may assist you in case your dossier gets approved for the next step (see description of procedures).

First name:
Last name:
Institutional affiliation:
Did you already have some exchange with him/her:
Did he/she tentatively agree to supervise you in case of success (note: at this state, such agreements are not binding):
PERSONAL DETAILS (external co-supervisor under sandwich model)

In case you apply under the sandwich model, with the PhD studies as a collaboration with a low/middle income country: who will be your primary choice as co-supervisor / collaborator abroad?

First name:
Last name:
Institutional affiliation:


Where did you hear about this program?:

Please confirm the following:

For details, please see

I confirm that I fulfill the Early-Stage Researcher criteria (i.e. my research experience since my first Master’s degree is less than four years in total).*:
I am aware that the stipend covers only my living allowance as a PhD student. These funds are not sufficient to support partners or families to live in Switzerland unless they have their own income.*:
I know that visa regulations may apply which are not under control of GlobalP3HS.*:
I am aware that GlobalP3HS is not a “joint PhD program”, thus, in case of acceptance, GlobalP3PH students will get the PhD degree from the chosen Swiss university only.*:
I am aware that being selected by the jury does not guarantee a stipend unless unless all one has successfully passed all the steps outlined on our web page*:


Please upload copies of your (1) Master’s Degree Diploma (with a certified translation if necessary), (2) your current CV, (3) your motivation letter and (4) a copy of your valid passport OR your valid official identity document/card (front/back, with picture) here. Important: Only pdf format is accepted! In case non-requested documents are uploaded, your application will not be considered for evaluation.

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